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Mas Comtal: ancient stones, innovative wines.

Celler Mas Comtal is so old as a settlement that it’s its own place. There is no village, just a dot on the map, labelled “Mas Comtal”. Turning off the main road to Barcelona you pass a small industrial estate and head out into the vineyards, down a sunken lane, until suddenly, there it is, all alone.

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Comalats: the accidental winery

“It was a potential catastrophe:” Eva explained on our first visit. Her father had 12 hectares of grapes just ready for harvest and suddenly the buyer had pulled out. What were the family to do? Jaume Bonet had only planted the vineyards with the then fashionable Cabernet Sauvignon on advice that this was the way forward - to sell on an international variety to a larger producer. In the past the family had made wine from indigenous grapes for home consumption or to sell on draught, just like every other Catalan farming family.

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