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Rachel & Rubén 

We are Rachel and Rubén, a mother and son team with a love for Catalan wine, on a mission to share it with the UK. Having roots in the Penedès area of Catalonia, wine comes naturally to us, especially growing up in an area where it’s practically impossible to avoid it! Vineyards stretch to the horizon, wineries are dotted in every town and village and even the regional museum - or Vinseum - is dedicated to grapes and winemaking. 


All this activity results in some truly spectacular wines that a lot more people should be enjoying.


Let us be your guides to Catalonia.


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L'altre Vi, the place for "the other wine" is a sanctuary where you'll find beautiful Catalan wines to explore and love. We only work with small family growers/winemakers who care deeply for the little patch of land they call home. Everything you see is organic as a minimum. Some wines are the result of biodynamic cultivation and many are natural - nothing added and nothing taken away. Because they are so pure, all our wines are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Salut!